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    39 Awful, Gross, Painful Things Every '00s Girl Has Been Through

    Nothing hurts more than a straightener burn.

    1. Burning the side of your face when you were straightening your hair with your GBDs, and then irritating the burn every time you wore foundation afterwards.

    2. Or worse, dropping your straighteners onto your crossed legs and burning the really sensitive skin behind your knees.

    3. But nothing was as painful as burning the the backs of your wrists and having to peel the skin off to let it heal.

    4. Plucking so much hair from your eyebrows that you doomed them to never fully growing back, and having to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil for the rest of your life.

    5. Bleaching your hair so often that as soon as you decided you didn’t want to be white blonde anymore and tried dying it a darker colour, it just turned orange. Not ginger, orange.

    6. Having an allergic reaction to the £4.99 box of hair dye you bought in Superdrug and having an itchy head for weeks.

    7. Pulling at the skin underneath your eyes so that you could apply Bad Gal eyeliner to inside bit of your bottom lids, even though it made your eyes water.

    8. Going out in the rain after getting a spray tan, your tan going streaky, and then having to spend the evening exfoliating your skin until it was raw in an attempt to go back to normal.

    9. Or worse, using a self tanner but forgetting to moisturise the night before, so the tan inevitably stuck to your hairline, eyebrows, and backs of your elbows and knees and you had to scrub it all off in the bath.

    10. Waking up to find your tan had dyed your bedsheets orange and then having to sneak them into the wash so your mum wouldn’t find out.

    11. Enduring the very specific type of tension headache you got from wearing a plastic headband that was too tight.

    12. And the agony of the dreaded ~ponytail headache~.

    13. Covering your chest in body glitter from Lush before a disco and then spending hours trying to scrub it off before school on Monday.

    14. Which was only slightly easier than scrubbing off the gunk that gathered on the sides of your bath whenever you used a Lush bath bomb.

    15. Getting Boots bath pearls in your Christmas stocking, deciding to have a luxurious bath with them, and then squeezing one so tightly that it squirted into your eye and made you momentarily blind.

    16. Getting drunk off WKDs for the first time and spending the evening throwing up acidic blue sick.

    17. Buying a polyphonic ringtone from the back page of Mizz magazine but forgetting to unsubscribe from the service so you used up all of your phone credit on one song that didn’t even sound that much like the original.

    18. Wearing Claire’s Accessories earrings for so long that your ears turned a bit green and the skin around the holes went kinda crusty.

    19. Getting braces.

    20. Especially the part where they shove pink goo into your mouth to make a mould and it feels like your teeth are being slowly pulled out with it.

    21. Although nothing in this world will ever compare to the agony of getting your braces tightened.

    22. Racking up a massive phone bill because you called your friend before 6pm and getting screamed at by your parents.

    23. Pretending that you found Topshop’s girl boxers comfortable, even though they cut into your sides and gave you the worst VPL ever.

    24. And then pretending that New Look thongs were your favourite kind of underwear, even though wearing one was literally the same as having a wedgie all day.

    25. Going out in Uggs and a denim mini skirt, which gave you clammy feet and a freezing midriff, but pretending that you were a perfectly comfortable temperature so your mum wouldn't make you change.

    26. Giving yourself a Tipp-Ex manicure and then having to use an entire bottle of nail polish remover to get rid of it.

    27. Or worse, giving yourself a glitter manicure and having to dedicate a good weekend to scrubbing it off your nails.

    28. Somehow getting the bit of skin between your thumb and pointy finger caught in the metal bit of one of your school ring binders.

    29. Getting a hair wrap on holiday, only for it to fall out and leave a little stub of hair behind.

    30. Wearing Juicy Tubes lip gloss on a windy day and subsequently spending the whole day prising your hair away from your lips.

    31. Wearing a chunky belt around your hips, because using belts to hold up your trousers was lame, even though the buckle dug into your stomach every time you sat down.

    32. Getting severe back ache because you insisted on wearing your Billabong backpack so low it rested on the underside of your bum.

    33. Tying your hair into bunches with plastic ball hair bobbles that hit your skull when you ran.

    34. Inhaling a rainbow dust straw so fast that the sherbet got caught in your throat and made you have a massive coughing fit.

    35. The sinking feeling you got in the pit of your stomach when you were chatting to your crush on MSN, forgot you had your webcam on, and realised you’d done something embarrassing like picked your nose or talked to your mum.

    36. Getting a new phone and realising that you’d have to spend weeks playing Snake 2 to get your top score back.

    37. Waiting literal hours for a single song to download from Limewire, only to realise you had been waiting for spam to download and not a song at all.

    38. Accidentally hitting the internet button on your flip phone and having to press end a million times so that you didn’t use up all your credit and get grounded by your parents.

    39. But the worst thing that could possibly happen to you in the '00s was accidentally finding out what happened in the latest Harry Potter book before you got a chance to get to the end.