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    21 Food Quirks That Northerners Don't Realise Are Weird

    Chips with gravy > chips with ketchup.

    1. Chip butties in general

    2. Butter pies

    3. But also cheese and onion pies

    4. Basically, putting everything in a pie

    5. Chips covered in curry sauce

    6. Being able to buy two hot pastries for a pound

    7. Curing a hangover with an ice-cold can of Vimto

    8. And curing a cold with a hot mug of Vimto

    9. Curing literally everything else with a brew

    10. Calling a bread roll a barm, bap, bread cake, cob, stotty, or any other regional variety on the name

    11. And calling lunch "dinner"

    12. Buying breakfast, lunch, or dinner from Greggs being perfectly acceptable

    13. Chips covered in gravy

    14. Or even better: chips covered in cheese and gravy

    15. Especially if they're from the chip shop and they're served with scraps

    16. Covering everything with treacle around Bonfire Night

    17. Eating Kendal Mint Cake as a treat

    18. All of our amazing junk foods

    Munchie boxes, chicken parmo, and parched peas, to name a few.

    19. And all of our delicious stodgy puddings

    Parkin, Manchester tart, and Chester pudding are all delicious in their own ways.

    20. Using Henderson's Relish to improve a standard serving of cheese on toast

    21. Paying less than £5 for a pint