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    28 Moments From "The OC" That'll Make You Cry All Over Again

    So. much. emotion.

    1. When Ryan and Marissa met for the first time.

    2. And when Ryan told Julie about it, after Marissa died.

    3. When Summer first realised she liked Seth.

    4. When Ryan told Marissa their future was together.

    5. When Ryan had no confidence in himself.

    6. And when he finally considered the Cohen's house his home.

    7. When Summer doubted herself.

    8. When Seth begged Kirsten to go to rehab.

    9. And Ryan backed him up.

    10. When Seth got up on a table to tell Summer how much she meant to him.

    11. When Marissa told her dad not to bother coming back this time.

    12. When Marissa confided in Ryan.

    13. And when Marissa finally let Julie know exactly how she was feeling.

    14. When Seth told Summer exactly how much he cared about her.

    15. When Marissa was there when Summer needed her.

    16. When Julie was loyal to Kirsten.

    17. When Ryan and Marissa had ~a moment~.

    18. Everything about this kiss.

    19. When Marissa said "I love you" to Ryan for the first time.

    20. When Summer admitted she couldn't be without Seth.

    21. And it was plain for everyone else to see.

    22. When Ryan told Marissa how much he'd been thinking about her.

    23. When Marissa confided in Ryan about her family life.

    24. When Jimmy realised he was still in love with Julie.

    25. Every time Sandy was the best father ever.

    26. When Seth and Summer decided to live apart but stay together.

    27. When Summer wanted Marissa to be there on her mother's wedding day.

    28. 😭😭😭😭😭