19 Jokes About "Tattoo Fixers" That Are So Real

Person on Tattoo Fixers: "I've got this really tiny shit tattoo to cover up." "So I've been thinking of covering it with half a sleeve..."

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Person on Tattoo Fixers: I've got this really tiny shit tattoo to cover up. So I've been thinking of covering it with a half sleeve..."


How Tattoo Fixers would solve a stain on the lounge carpet.


- Fab tat, you must really be into Greek history to have Zeus covering your thigh? - Nah, just got #TattooFixers to cover up a shit ballsack


Every tattoo fixers episode: I wanna cover up this tiny tattoo "How about this rose?" "Covers entire limb in a rose" "Mate that's sick"


Client: "I'd like this life-size tattoo of a flea covered" Sketch: "This sodding massive pic of a wall clock should do it." #TattooFixers


- I've got the C word on my hip - A unicorn's head will cover that - The same size as the C word? - NO, THE SIZE OF YOUR THIGH #TattooFixers


*Tattoo Fixers* Abby came in with an embarrassing phallic flamingo which i've changed into a beautiful portrait of… https://t.co/ko19c99aVy


This man on tattoo fixers got his wife's selfie tattooed on his thigh and I can't even get a reply



Idea for Comic Relief Tattoo Fixers special: getting a matchstick man covered with the bayeux tapestry. #TattooFixers


I do enjoy tattoo fixers but why are there so many lads with mates who happen to have a tattoo machine lying around their gaff #tattoofixers



Tattoo Fixers is like when you were little and you'd go out of the lines in a colouring book so just scribbled in the whole page.


*What the client actually wants* Alice: I've done some flowers. @tattoofixers #tattoofixers


This was the finish article not tattoo that was going to be fixed....let that sink in folks 😆😂#TattooFixers


"Then I'll add flowers in the background. Then a semi-detached house. Then I'll colour everything solid black. Sorted." #TattooFixers