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21 Slightly Cringe Things All British Teenagers Have Done At Some Point

It wasn't a proper Nando's trip unless you mixed Fanta and Coke.

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5. Took photographs of yourself inside whichever coffee chain you happened to be hanging out in.

Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

It was very cool to spend three hours sipping a single Starbucks frappuccino and documenting every moment with a picture from your digital camera.


14. Went to "house parties" that were basically just your friends dancing in a circle in someone's kitchen with an iPod plugged into some crackly speakers in the corner.

16. Left a classroom if your teacher was anything over 15 minutes late.

teacher: is late to class by maybe 2 seconds students: Did you guys know that if our teacher doesn't come back in 15 minutes we can leave th

You wanted to leave at 10 past, but you made yourself wait until quarter past.


20. Pre-drank with your friends in your bedroom, but then pretended to be sober when your parents gave you a lift into town.