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    21 British Dinner Quirks The Rest Of The World Doesn't Understand

    Batter, pies, and baked beans.

    1. Fish finger sandwiches with ketchup.

    Twitter: @markdredge

    There's nothing more comforting you can make for dinner when you've had a hard day.

    2. Bangers and mash covered in gravy.

    Twitter: @davidbradshaw91

    The best part of this meal is the mash that goes really sloppy when you pour gravy over it.

    3. Fish and chips on a Friday night.

    Twitter: @CoffeeJezus

    If you cover the whole meal in salt and vinegar, you have the perfect dinner.

    4. But also, chip shop chips served open and eaten on the walk home.

    Twitter: @wah_do_dem

    This counts as a meal if you eat it on the way back from the pub.

    5. Especially if you cover them in cheese, gravy, or curry sauce.

    Or at the very least, ketchup. No British person eats their chips plain.

    6. Pies in general.

    Twitter: @educationpriest

    The rest of the world doesn't understand why we put literally every food type into pastry and call it a meal, but we love it.

    7. Toad in the hole.

    Twitter: @RossGledhill

    The best bits are the really squishy bits of batter that go soggy under the sausages.

    8. But actually, batter in general.

    Twitter: @brbinchicago

    Hands down the best part of any Sunday roast.

    9. Beans on toast.

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    This is an acceptable breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But it's an especially good dinner when you get in late and all you have is sliced bread in the freezer and a can of beans in the cupboard.

    10. But also spaghetti hoops on toast.

    Twitter: @thterweiden

    This is an incredibly childish meal, but that doesn't make it any less delicious.

    11. Heinz tomato soup with hot, buttered toast to dip in it.

    Twitter: @spoonfulofsugr

    If it's rainy outside, this is one of the best dinners you can prepare yourself.

    12. Cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches.

    Twitter: @iCandy_pw

    They have to be made on white sliced bread and served with crisps on the side.

    13. Cauliflower cheese.

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    Sometimes served as a side, but also served as a meal in its own right because it's delicious.

    14. Sunday roasts in general, but especially the Yorkshire puddings.

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    If you think about it, eating a whole meal that has been roasted in oil in an oven once a week is genius. It's a mystery that it hasn't caught on.

    15. Bubble and squeak, preferably served with a fried egg on top.

    Twitter: @frostieK1210

    The best thing to serve the day after a Sunday roast.

    16. Slightly burnt sausages and burgers, prepared on a disposable barbecue.

    Twitter: @DentonDebs

    The moment the sun comes out, we start cooking questionable meat on a disposable fire.

    17. Scrambled eggs and ketchup on toast.

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    Avocado and poached eggs on toast is fine, but nothing beats our childhood favourite scrambled eggs and ketchup.

    18. Tinned mushy peas that have been microwaved.

    Twitter: @SilverdaleNT

    They look toxic but taste delicious.

    19. Pizza Express dough balls and pizza.

    Best paid for with a voucher and eaten before going to the cinema.

    20. Shepherd's and/or cottage pie.

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    No Brit knows which is which, but they remind us of school lunches in a good way.

    21. A bacon butty with lots of HP sauce.

    Twitter: @GoShredUK

    This is another one of those meals that you eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And it's always delicious.