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21 Celebs From 2007 Who Should Make A Comeback In 2017

Where on earth has Kate Nash gone?

1. Kate Nash

Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images

You grew up wanting to be Kate Nash and you still know all the words to "Foundations".

2. Lemar

Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

You voted for him on Fame Academy and then you ripped his poster out of Top of the Pops magazine and stuck it to your wall.

3. Corinne Bailey Rae

Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images

"Put Your Records On" was an absolute '00s banger even if it was weirdly difficult to sing along to.

4. Jamelia, but when she was a singer

Doug Peters / Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

I mean, she's great on Loose Women but Jamelia was at her peak when she released "Superstar", the song of a generation.

5. Charlotte Church as a TV presenter

Doug Peters / EMPICS Entertainment

The Charlotte Church Show was cancelled way before its time. RIP, the greatest chat show that ever was.

6. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images

So posh, so pale, so kooky.

7. Joss Stone

Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

Also so posh, slightly less pale, but also very kooky.

8. Kate Thornton

Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

Back in 2007, Kate was very much the kind of person you wanted to be when you were older.

9. McFly when they didn't wash their hair

Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images

But especially Danny, who was the greasiest but also the most fanciable for some reason.

10. Abi Titmuss

Joel Ryan / PA Archive/PA Images

Here she is wearing a New Look necklace that every '00s girl owned.

11. Amy MacDonald

Joel Ryan / PA Archive/PA Images

Who released some 10/10 songs, but was mostly popular because her level of fame seemed very attainable.

12. Johnny Borrell from Razorlight

Max Nash / AFP / Getty Images

The epitome of '00s hot.

13. This iconic Sugababes line up

Steve Parsons / PA Archive/PA Images

Hear me out: Obviously the Keisha, Mutya, Heidi line up was musically the best. But when Amelle replaced Mutya, the levels of drama increased by the million. And that's why Sugababes 3.0 was the most iconic line up.

14. And Mutya Buena as a solo act

Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

Much edgier than when she was in the Sugababes.

15. David and Victoria Beckham, when they had matching hair styles

Joel Ryan / PA Archive/PA Images

2007 was truly the year of the pob.

16. Chanelle and Ziggy

Suzan / Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

A Posh and Becks lookalike couple from Big Brother who should have never broken up.

17. And, of course, Rebecca Loos

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Apparently she lives in a remote part of Norway nowadays.

18. Natasha Bedingfield

Suzan / Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

🎶 Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in... 🎶

19. Samantha Mumba

Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

Her outfit to the Spiderman premiere will never be forgotten.

20. Chantelle Houghton

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

2007 was the year that Preston and Chantelle split, and Chantelle focused on herself. Plus, her '00s hair extensions are unforgettable.

21. And finally, Girls Aloud during their black tights phase

Doug Peters / Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

This phase came slightly after their matching-outfits-in-different-colours phase. Point is: Girls Aloud were the best girlband of the '00s. This is not up for debate.

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