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    Dec 11, 2017

    22 British Meals That Prove The Best Food Is Beige

    The most comforting food is always beige.

    1. Toad in the hole

    Twitter: @Pompey_Tori

    The most delicious dinner your mum can make.

    2. A battered sausage and chips

    Twitter: @Pompey_Tori

    Easily the most comforting drunk food.

    3. A Yorkshire pudding

    Twitter: @charliej22

    Delicious no matter what it is served with.

    4. Fish and chips

    Twitter: @Howeydota

    Best eaten open, on the way home on a Friday night.

    5. Chips and scraps

    Twitter: @HDexterN

    Forgetting to ask for the scraps is a rookie mistake.

    6. A chip butty

    Twitter: @horrowfide

    Remember to use plenty of butter.

    7. Onion rings

    Twitter: @NotLeafy

    Can cut through the most brutal of hangovers.

    8. Hot buttered toast

    Twitter: @LorimerPam

    Some days, all you want to eat is hot, buttery toast.

    9. A rich tea biscuit and a cup of tea

    Twitter: @hellomilo

    The ultimate 3pm snack.

    10. Rice pudding

    Twitter: @AutomataMaker

    Reminds you of school, but in a cosy way.

    11. A warm sausage roll

    Twitter: @Siob

    Always order two.

    12. Potato waffles

    Twitter: @chlo_simpson

    The best thing about potato waffles is you can make them in the toaster.

    13. Dinosaur nuggets and potato smilies

    Twitter: @jaclynlovexo

    Idk why everyone stopped eating this exact meal when they became an adult.

    14. Crumpets covered in butter

    Twitter: @amypoops

    The perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack.

    15. An iced bun

    Twitter: @Romanathethird

    Yes it's just some bread with some icing on it. But it's very tasty bread with icing on it.

    16. A triple carb meal from a supermarket cafe

    Twitter: @niamh3ds

    People who live in cities are missing out on supermarket cafes and the holy trinity that they all serve.

    17. Cheese whirls

    Twitter: @pEJtwit

    The canapé of the early '00s.

    18. Cauliflower cheese

    Twitter: @crsy

    Delicious alongside a Sunday roast, but also just on its own.

    19. A bowl of custard

    Twitter: @UneagerMother

    Never make your own custard; always eat the stuff from the carton.

    20. A crisp sandwich

    Twitter: @BigAlien

    A perfectly legitimate weeknight dinner.

    21. A munchie box

    Twitter: @BigAlien

    Worth traveling to Scotland for.

    22. Any burger and pint meal deal

    Twitter: @AlistairHowarth

    The ultimate beige comfort meal.