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21 Trends From 2017 That We'll Cringe About In 2027

We won't be contouring forever.

1. Exposing our knees at all times.

One day our knees will be warm again. One day.

2. Making our lips as plump as we possibly can.

We have Kylie Jenner to thank for this trend.

3. Mermaid hair.

4. Contouring.

At some point we'll all go back to embracing our naturally squishy-looking faces.

5. Crop tops.

6. Or even worse, crop jumpers.

7. Everyone owning this exact backpack.

8. Otherwise nice T-shirts with random slogans on the front of them.

9. Making our eyebrows as large as we possibly can.

10. Chokers.

11. False eyelashes.

12. Applying our foundation with unconventional tools – for example, condoms.

13. Ombre hair.

14. Attaching pink pompoms to everything.

It was cool when Clueless came out and it's cool again now.

15. Wearing incredibly big, round glasses even if they don't match your prescription.

16. Getting this exact haircut.

17. Almond-shaped fake nails that make it look like we're permanently pointing.

18. Having the biggest hair possible at all times.

19. Drawing around your lips with incredibly thick lip liner.

20. Only being able to buy 100% shapeless clothing.

21. And literally everything being marble, rose gold, or ~millennial pink~.

We'll discover other materials and colours in the future.