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22 Trends From 10 Years Ago That Need To Come Back In 2018

Bring back BBM.

1. Juicy Couture (and fake Juicy Couture) tracksuits.

Twitter: @_peachbeach, Twitter: @RheaRhiaB

It was the comfiest trend of all time and I for one miss it.

2. Taking a portable DVD player on every long car journey you ever went on.

Twitter: @Mellabellamel

In 2008 reading books was drab, but watching films on very small screens was fab.

3. T Shirts that said "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!"

Twitter: @infoanrchy

Tbf they are.

4. Square-tipped French manicures.

Twitter: @Mellabellamel

So. damn. glam.

5. BBM in general.

Twitter: @EmmaLaham

I miss BBM.

6. Maxi dresses.

Suzan Moore / EMPICS Entertainment, Doug Peters / Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

They made you feel so chic.

7. Gladiator sandles.

Getty Images

Gave you a weird tan, looked cool af.

8. Digital photoframes.

Twitter: @Kloutstanding

We thought they were the future but they were not.

9. Coloured tights.


Any colour was better than black or clear back then.

10. Bangles.

Via Twitter: @Nannieblood_

Some people were into chunky wooden bangles, some people were into skinny metal bangles. Point is: Everyone was into bangles.

11. Tying your hair into a ponytail with a slight quiff., John Li/Stringer / Via Getty Images

Quiffs were so 2008.

12. Crinkly satin dresses.

Francis Specker / EMPICS Entertainment, Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

You wore one to prom and you'd have worn it to the Oscars too if only you had an invite.

13. Boho headbands that sat across your forehead, didn't push any hair back at all, and left a mark when you took them off.

Twitter: @ayyy_rin

They made your forehead itch but you knew you had to suffer for your beauty.

14. Calling your boobs "nunga nungas".

Paramount Pictures

Thanks, Georgia Nicolson.

15. Tying your hair in very low bunches (so low the hair tie was underneath your chin)

Working Title Films

Made you feel like Sienna Miller.

16. Extra-wide waist belts.

Joel Ryan / PA Archive/PA Images

It wasn't until the early '10s that we worked out belts are actually meant to hold your trousers up.

17. Big plastic headbands (inspired by LC ofc).


They gave you a headache because they were always too tight.

18. Arranging your fingers into this star pattern with your friends and then taking a grainy photo for Facebook.

Twitter: @Bri_Will

It didn't matter that your photo only contained eight pixels.

19. Wearing jeans with a built in denim belt.


So damn practical.

20. Being really into vampires.


Vampires were to 2008 what charity wristbands were to 2007.

21. Saying "that's hot," even when it didn't fit the conversation.


That's hot.

22. And jeggings.


Comfier than jeans, it's sad we don't wear them anymore.

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