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22 Trends From 10 Years Ago That Need To Come Back In 2018

Bring back BBM.

1. Juicy Couture (and fake Juicy Couture) tracksuits.

2. Taking a portable DVD player on every long car journey you ever went on.

3. T Shirts that said "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!"

4. Square-tipped French manicures.

5. BBM in general.

6. Maxi dresses.

7. Gladiator sandles.

8. Digital photoframes.

9. Coloured tights.

10. Bangles.

11. Tying your hair into a ponytail with a slight quiff.

12. Crinkly satin dresses.

13. Boho headbands that sat across your forehead, didn't push any hair back at all, and left a mark when you took them off.

14. Calling your boobs "nunga nungas".

15. Tying your hair in very low bunches (so low the hair tie was underneath your chin)

16. Extra-wide waist belts.

17. Big plastic headbands (inspired by LC ofc).

18. Arranging your fingers into this star pattern with your friends and then taking a grainy photo for Facebook.

19. Wearing jeans with a built in denim belt.

20. Being really into vampires.

21. Saying "that's hot," even when it didn't fit the conversation.

22. And jeggings.

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