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22 Trends From 10 Years Ago That Need To Come Back In 2018

Bring back BBM.

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1. Juicy Couture (and fake Juicy Couture) tracksuits.


6. Maxi dresses.

Suzan Moore / EMPICS Entertainment, Doug Peters / Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

They made you feel so chic.


10. Bangles.

Via Twitter: @Nannieblood_

Some people were into chunky wooden bangles, some people were into skinny metal bangles. Point is: Everyone was into bangles.

11. Tying your hair into a ponytail with a slight quiff.


12. Crinkly satin dresses.

Francis Specker / EMPICS Entertainment, Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

You wore one to prom and you'd have worn it to the Oscars too if only you had an invite.


16. Extra-wide waist belts.

Joel Ryan / PA Archive/PA Images

It wasn't until the early '10s that we worked out belts are actually meant to hold your trousers up.