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Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate "Save The Last Dance"

It did give us Kerry Washington after all.

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The teen rom-com about a white girl finding herself in the most unlikely place (a black inner-city high school) after her mom's tragic death was an instant classic back in 2001.

Who even back then was fighting for women's rights.

MTV Film / Via uhura-ismylastname.tumblr.com

Chenille: Got what? The right to walk past your greasy, tickle-dick self without your paws on my ass? Yea that's how I thought I had it.

And shady mean girl Nikki played by Brie Lawson aka Beyoncé's stepsister bka the girl who has been playing a teenager for decades because #blackdontcrack.

She threw unforgettable shade with ease in almost every scene she was in.

MTV Films / Via nonethericher.tumblr.com

Nikki: Excuse me, I ain't walking on eggshells just 'cause you brought the Brady Bunch to the Negro Club.

Sara: Then you must be in the wrong spot because I'm pretty sure there aren't any Negoes here.

Nikki: I'm pretty sure you came with one.

There was also this legendary speech from Kerry's character.

MTV Films / Via chocolate-and-gold.tumblr.com

Chenille: And here you come — white so you gotta be right — and you take one of the few decent men we have left after jail, drugs, and drive-bys. This is what Nikki meant about you up in our world.

Sara: There's only one world, Chenille.

Chenille: That is what they teach you. We know different.

Kerry actually gave a lot of great advice in this movie. We should've known then she'd go on to be a gladiator.

MTV Films / Via dancinghipppie.tumblr.com

Chenille: You can't help who you love, Derek. You're not supposed to.

(talk about foreshadowing)

Finally, you can't talk about this movie without giving a proper nod to Sara's epic Juilliard audition.

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