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    20 Photos That Show Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Still Crazy In Love

    Eight years of marriage and these two still look crazy in love.

    1. When they took this selfie.

    2. When they were fly as hell at Coachella.

    3. When they melted our hearts with this pic stitch.

    4. When their happiness radiated.

    5. When they were the most stylish couple at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

    6. When Jay's body language made his feelings clear.

    7. When they gave us this epic #relationshipgoals pic.

    8. When they proved there are levels to travel Instagram game.

    9. When their swag was as high as their bank account.

    10. When they were on the run.

    11. When Bey posted this TBT of them in the Bronx in 2002.

    12. Whenever they throw their diamonds in the air together.

    13. When they had the most adorable impersonators ever.

    14. When they were backstage vibing out to music.

    15. When Bey shared this crowd shot of her hubby stealing a kiss on stage.

    16. When an empty stadium didn't quench their chemistry.

    17. When they were drunk in love on NYE.

    18. This smooch.

    19. When Beyoncé looked at Jay like she was his number one fan.

    20. And vice versa.

    Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Carter! ❤️