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17 Times Oprah Was The Most Relatable Billionaire Ever

Because nothing's more relatable than accidentally walking out of the house with kale in your teeth.

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1. That time she hosted a movie night with friends.

2. That time she went to the club with her crew.

3. That time she knew to use smaller rollers for her edges.

4. That time she got kale stuck in her teeth.

5. That time she got her hair done on the porch.

6. That time she didn't let the rain stop her from having a cookout.

7. That time she fell for The Rock.

8. That time she chose to celebrate Christmas on an island with friends instead of in the cold with family.

9. That time she was so amazed by a double rainbow she had to take a picture.

10. That time she took a selfie to show she was sick.

11. That time she took a nap at work.

12. That time she tailgated with the best of them.

13. That time she had to go to a bar to watch and live tweet her favorite show because her hotel room didn't have her channel.

14. That time she took the rooster Soul Cycle spin class.

15. That time she couldn't help but play with her food.

16. Every time she gardens.

17. That time she experienced FOMO.

Happy birthday Oprah! Never change!

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