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    15 Reasons "Luke Cage" Will Be Your New Favorite Netflix Series

    Have you seen Mike Colter?!

    1. Mike Colter is playing Luke.

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    2. Mike Colter is fine as hell.

    Mark Sagliocco / Getty Images

    3. His skin looks as if it was moisturized by the finest butter from the purest of cocoa beans.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    4. He's so moisturized it's overwhelming. He literally glows.

    Dave Mangels / Getty Images

    5. He has a great smile.

    Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

    6. With a set of teeth so pearly white they'll blind you.

    John Sciulli / Getty Images

    7. Then there's the fact that he looks great in yellow.

    Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

    8. And black.

    Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

    9. And in nothing at all.

    Netflix / Via

    10. He also has a stare that makes it seem like he can see into your soul.

    Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

    11. And he knows how to use it.

    Netflix / Via

    12. His bald head is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    13. He has a commanding presence...

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    14. ...that exudes the strength of 20 men.

    Netflix / Via

    15. You'll get to experience all of this and more every episode so don't mess up and miss all of this.

    Netflix / Via

    Luke Cage premieres on Netflix Friday, Sept. 30.

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