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    Literally Every Person Of Color Who Had A Speaking Role On "Girls"

    A detailed and not-so-scientific study of the show's diversity numbers.

    1. Joy Lin

    2. Hannah's gynecologist

    3. One of Hannah's sexually harassed coworkers

    4. Two babysitters in the park

    5. Tako

    6. The nurse at the hospital

    7. Sandy

    8. The people Jessa and her husband cut in the taxi cab line

    9. One of the cops who came when Hannah called 911 on Adam

    10. Soojin

    11. The woman who yelled at Adam and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) on the Staten Island ferry

    12. The guy who asked Hannah weird questions at Booth's party

    13. Radhika

    14. The fine-ass doorman in Radhika's building

    15. An emergency room doctor

    16. Laura

    17. Kobi

    18. The DJ at Hannah's birthday party

    19. Lise

    20. Susan and her husband

    21. The book publisher who almost gave Hannah a book deal

    22. Karen

    23. Gerald

    24. This waitress

    25. Clementine

    26. The NYU administrator who gave Shosh her degree

    27. D. August

    28. Chester Chong

    29. Hannah's fiction writing class professor

    30. The record executive who wanted to sign Marnie and Desi

    31. The police officer who gave Jessa a ticket for peeing in the street

    32. The woman checking in people at Ray's community board meeting

    33. This kid who said "sup" to Hannah at school

    34. One of the speakers at Mimi-Rose's weird art show

    35. Adeem

    36. Chezza

    37. The man who pierced Cleo's tongue

    38. Wolfie

    39. This woman from Adam and Jessa's AA meeting

    40. Nellie

    41. This guy who worked at Helvetica

    42. The kids Adam played with at a carnival

    43. This woman who handed Shosh her breakfast

    44. A policeman who directed people onto the subway

    45. All the people Shosh greeted at work whom we couldn't really see

    46. Yoshi

    47. Satoko

    48. Shosh's other friend in Japan who never got a name

    49. Yoshi's friend who assured him Shosh was into him

    50. Yoshi's friend who told him maybe Shosh wasn't into him

    51. The actor who played Detective Mosedale

    52. The lead singer of this band

    53. This dominatrix/host

    54. This dominatrix who poured hot wax on Yoshi's friend

    55. Yoshi's other friend who encouraged Shosh to put on the nurse costume

    56. Adele

    57. Shosh's boss at the cat café in Japan

    58. Dill's friend

    59. Rips and two other friends of Charlie's who catcalled Marnie

    60. Hector Medina

    61. Tandice Moncrief

    62. Alexia

    63. A fan of Desi's

    64. A writer Elijah cut in line at The Moth

    65. Paul-Louis

    66. Marlowe

    67. Rachel and Zeva

    68. Miranda

    69. Bobby

    70. Raneed

    71. The director of photography on Adam's film

    72. Elijah's coworker at Henri Bendel

    73. The casting assistant who told Elijah it was his turn to audition.

    74. Athena Dante

    75. A pawnshop owner

    76. This woman from Ray's oral history of Brooklyn project

    77. And this woman from Ray's oral history of Brooklyn project

    78. Two of the college students Hannah lectured before her interview

    79. Byron

    80. Officer Schpoont

    81. Grover


    Items 9, 11, 12, and 19 on this list were added shortly after this post was published.