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    Here Are All The Cheapest Items On Oprah's Favorite Things List

    All her picks for under $50.

    Oprah's "Favorite Things" list has been a holiday season staple for years. But as beloved as the list has become, a lot of the items are quite expensive.

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    Here are 31 items on this year's list that won't break the bank:

    1. Orbit Key Finder – $30

    It's a cute way to keep track of the two things you need and misplace the most — your cell phone and keys. All you need to do is attach the Orbit to your keychain and download the free app. The next time you can't find your keys, push the "find Orbit" button on the app and the keychain will chime loudly. Why Oprah loves it: "It works in reverse, too: Press a button on Orbit to find your cell—it rings even in silent mode. Genius."

    2. Organic Grow Kits – $17 to $19 each

    The kits come with organic seeds, soil, and a container made of recycled tea bags. Why Oprah loves it: "I absolutely love cooking with fresh produce from my garden, and these urban grow kits will give city folks the same joy."

    3. My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers – $25

    I mean, they're animal-shaped Bluetooth speakers — what more is there to love? And don't let the size fool you: According to Oprah, they produce enough sound to fill an entire room. Why Oprah loves it: "Once you’re done singing along, enable the selfie feature and snap a pic."

    4. Travel Cord Rolls – $20

    A cute way to make sure all your electronic cords don't get tangled together. Why Oprah loves it: "Do you know how much time I waste digging through my bag for my earbuds or a charger, only to find them tangled together?"

    5. Em John Keychains – $16

    These fun keychains allow you add some flair and personality to an otherwise mundane object. And since you have to carry your keys everywhere, might as well be cute about it. Why Oprah loves it: "These tasseled Lucite key chains are cheap and cheery, and do double duty as bag charms. Oh, and the fact that they were designed by O style intern Emma Johnson is a fringe benefit."

    6. Travel Pillow Organizer – $35

    This takes travel pillows to the next level! Memory foam neck pillow aside, now you can keep your important items on you while sleeping next to strangers on planes. Why Oprah loves it: "You never have to touch that grimy seat-back compartment again. Every passenger will be asking, 'Where’d you get that?'"

    7. Southern Grits Trio – $45

    Finally a way to get some good Southern grits no matter where you are in the world. These grits were milled in the Georgia mountains and come in original, garlic and herb, and truffle and sea salt flavors. Why Oprah loves it: "Oh my Lord, y’all, these are some good grits! And this trio, packaged in a wooden crate, will make a great gift for my Southern friends."

    8. Trio Gloves – $38

    Can you believe it's taken this long for a company to sell gloves in threes?! Now when you unavoidably lose one, you'll have a spare ready to go! Why Oprah loves it: "Anyone who’s ever searched for a lost glove will love this touchscreen-friendly interchangeable trio."

    9. Tarte Kissing Squad Limited-Edition Lip Sculptor Quad – $34

    This half lipstick, half lip gloss from Tarte comes in four great colors. Why Oprah loves it: "Who can resist a beauty twofer?"

    10. DROP Bottles – $40

    These sleek water bottles allow you to easily add zest to your H20. Why Oprah loves it: "Plain old water has never been my favorite, but when I fill this infuser with slices of orange or cucumber, the BPA-free bottle becomes a party."

    11. New Bone China Mugs – $50 for a set of 6

    Kevin Sweeney / Kevin Sweeney/Studio D

    These cute and large (20 ounces) mugs give coffee and tea drinkers the best of both worlds. Why Oprah loves it: "Everybody—I mean everybody—needs a good large coffee (or chai) mug. These ceramic beauties are substantial and come in a colorful gift box. Done and done."

    12. BloemBox Organic Rose and Lavender Sachets – $20

    These floral sachets can be placed in drawers or closets to keep your clothes smelling good with one squeeze. Why Oprah loves it: "Some may look at this ultrafeminine sachet filled with dried organic rose petals and lavender florets and see a way to scent lingerie. Others see the perfect stocking stuffer. Guess what? They're both right!"

    13. Center Stage and Dauntless Frames by Peepers – $22

    Antiscratch lenses with fun frames at a crazy low price — what more could a person want from their reading glasses? Why Oprah loves it: "With their big bold frames, they’re impossible to lose."

    14. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Holiday Set – $32

    Beyoncé may carry hot sauce in her bag, but for Oprah, it's all about the truffle. She literally carries this truffle zest in her bag wherever she goes. Why Oprah loves it: "Here's my theory: Anything that's delicious without truffle is even better with it. (My trick: Start with the zest, then salt if you need it.)"

    15. Scented Fire Starters – $49 for a box of 20

    Who knew fire starters could be this cute? These pinecone-shaped ones are also scented and made from organic beeswax, wood, and essential oils. Why Oprah loves it: "When I’m home, I wait for the clouds to start rolling in so I can curl up next to the fireplace. With these I’m in for an evening of pure coziness."

    16. Creative Co-Op Stoneware Mini Bakers With Lids – $45 for a set of 4

    These mini cocottes allow each guest their own serving, providing a different kind of dining experience for when friends and family come to visit. Why Oprah loves it: "They come in beautiful neutrals that work with any decor, plus you can give each guest her own adorable serving. Science has yet to explain why everything tastes better that way."

    17. Jellycat Medium and Large Soft Toys – $23 to $50 each

    Five words: big soft cuddly toy animal. Why Oprah loves it: "I’m giving these to my nieces—and we’ll see who gets hugged first, the critters or Auntie O."

    18. The Book of Joy – $26

    Kevin Sweeney / Kevin Sweeney/Studio D

    Spiritual masters the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu share their wisdom in this encouraging book. Why Oprah loves it: "I want to wish all of you joy—because there is no better gift."

    19. Jane Pound Cakes – $28 to $40

    Texas-based baker Janie Clapp spices up her great-grandmother's all-natural pound cake recipe with coffee-toffee buttercream or raspberry curd filling. Why Oprah loves it: "Hands down, it’s the best pound cake I’ve ever had."

    20. Eight-Inch Salt and Pepper Mills – $38

    An easy way to bring some spice to your spice rack. Why Oprah loves it: "Classic salt and pepper mills in candy colors add some fun to your daily grind."

    21. Burt's Bees Pajamas – $13 to $40 each

    Oprah swears by the comfort of these super-cute organic cotton onesies. Why Oprah loves it: "You can outfit your whole clan—perfect for the annual holiday card."

    22. Cell Case & Card Sleeve Crossbody – $25

    For when you don't feel like dragging a big purse around but still need the essentials. Why Oprah loves it: "My friend Urania has something like this, and I think it’s so cool—because I always lose my phone!"

    23. The Original Pasta Pot – $30

    A pasta lover's dream — in purple! Why Oprah loves it: "I took a look at this aluminum cookware with a lock-on lid and built-in strainer and had just one question: Where have you been all my life?"

    24. Detroit Friends Potato Chips!/CHIP-CRATE/p/74104723/category=0

    A good chip for a good cause! The founder, Michael Wimberley, started the company to help revitalize the Hope District of Detroit. Why Oprah loves it: "Michael Wimberley repurposed vacant lots into community gardens to grow potatoes locally, creating job opportunities and a terrific chip that actually tastes like a sliced potato. I’ll snack to that!"

    25. Biggie's Tower of Toffee – $50 for a set of 3

    Who doesn't love a good toffee? And according to Oprah, these are the best. Why Oprah loves it: "They don’t call it 'crack toffee' for nothing. Crunchy and buttery, with toppings like white chocolate with pistachio, cranberry, and coconut—once you start, you can’t stop."

    26. Hardie Grant Coloring Book With Bright Ideas Colored Pencils – $32 a set

    Gregor Halenda

    Adult coloring books have become a fun way for adults to destress, making them a great affordable gift. Why Oprah loves it: "Besides being just plain fun, these three will help with mental agility, focus, and inner peace."

    27. Soma Water Pitcher – $40 for a 10-cup pitcher

    Not only is this water pitcher stylish as hell, but it's good for the environment, too. It's made of coconut shell and sustainable oak — perfect for the hipster in your life. Why Oprah loves it: "This high-style pitcher may be more natural than the water it purifies. Call it Gilligan’s Island chic."

    28. Food Health and Happiness – $35

    Oprah's new cookbook will be released in January, but she's having a special preorder (which will include a special note and gift in time for the holidays) while supplies last. Why Oprah loves it: "I’ve been wanting to share the recipes I love to make (Weight Watchers points and all)—and the lessons I’ve learned about ending my lifelong struggle with eating."

    29. Emi Jay Hair Ties – $24 for a box of 12

    These cute hair scrunchies come packaged like candy, making them a fun treat for all ages. Why Oprah loves it: "Let’s face it: Woman cannot live by scrunchies alone."

    30. Stolen Riches Shoelaces – $17.50 to $19.50

    For anyone who hates the basic shoelaces that come with most shoes. Why Oprah loves it: "These colorful unisex laces—available for sneakers, dress shoes, or boots—will add kick to your kicks."

    31. And of course, BREAD: English Muffins and Preserves Set – $40

    Not even going to attempt to talk about bread better than Oprah, so I'll let her take this one solo. Why Oprah loves it: "I don’t have to tell you all how much I love bread. These English muffins are my current carb of choice: crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and scrumptious all over—especially when slathered with the amazing Clif Family preserves that are included. Full disclosure: I took a few bags home from the shoot!"

    Oh, and just in case these all weren't cheap enough, you can use code OPRAH for 20% off all of the items on this list.

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