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Frank Shaved His Beard On "How To Get Away With Murder" And Everyone Lost It

Until we realized how beautiful he is without it. #plottwist

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This is Frank Delfino (played by Charlie Weber). Lord of the bearded baes on ABC's How To Get Away With Murder.


A title he's more than earned over the past couple seasons.

ABC / Via

Which is why everyone's heart rate skyrocketed last night when THIS happened during the show's season three premiere.


It was like they killed a main character.

@1979original / Via Twitter: @1979original

People were PANICKED.

@seelolago / Via Twitter: @seelolago

Until 10 seconds later when Frank's perfect jawline was revealed.


And it became apparent that Frank may just be the most beautiful man on the planet because WHO LOOKS THIS GOOD WITH AND WITHOUT A BEARD!?


Anyway, Twitter went from pissed to impressed real quick.

@AngelDessyy / Via Twitter: @AngelDessyy

It was the HTGAWM plot twist no one saw coming, TBH.

@ScottyUnfamous / Via Twitter: @ScottyUnfamous

Nothing made sense anymore.

@MegELay / Via Twitter: @MegELay

Except the fact that God took his sweet, sweet time drawing that face.

@indie_gogo / Via Twitter: @indie_gogo


There's a new Frank Delfino in town. #HTGAWM

ABC / Via Twitter: @HowToGetAwayABC
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