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18 Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

You may want to grab a tissue.

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1. Technology At Its Best:

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"My grandma recently passed away and I found an old voicemail she left me still saved to my phone with her saying 'I love you.' I decided to record it onto the recorders for stuffed animals and put it into a heart-shaped pillow my sister had made. So that my mom always had the ability to hear my grandma’s voice."


2. Number One Fan:

"My mom wrote a book once that wasn’t very successful. So every time I go to our local bookstore I buy another copy so she thinks that she’s selling more than she really is." –brooklynm43102c298

3. Puppy Love:

"When I was young I knew about this stuffed toy dog my mom had under her bed. I would ask to play with him but my mom always said no because it was old and had many busted seams. One year I began sneaking the toy dog into my room to work on the seams. On Christmas she unwrapped it and was confused until she took a closer look. The stuffed dog now sits on top of her bed where everyone can snuggle him." –katherinen4f7d7e368


4. Paid Time Off:

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"My parents have six kids and work incredibly hard to provide for us and get us some really nice stuff, so this year, I saved up for months to book them a vacation to one of their favorite spots. I even called their works and managed to arrange their time off and everything. I can’t wait to see their faces when they find out!" –magncheese97

5. Sweet Sentiment:

"My dad passed nine years ago, but while he was alive, in every card he gave my mom, he would sign it, ‘All my love, always.’ For Mother’s Day, I found an old card my dad had given my mom and had his signature stamped onto a metal charm by a jeweler. I gave it to my mom on a necklace chain so she could see and wear his words whenever she wanted. The memory of the look on her face when I gave it to her still makes me smile." –ccull

6. Making Things Right:

"When my parents split up my dad wouldn’t let my mom take the Kitchen-Aid mixer and she was pretty heartbroken about it. So a few years later I got a job and saved up all my tiny pay checks for a few weeks and bought her a new one for Christmas. She cried." –jennaw439c0bcf0

7. You Are The Reason:

"For Mother’s Day one year I made my mom a list of '52 Reasons Why You’re the Best Mom' and I wrapped them all up individually and put them in a jar. Every Sunday for a year she would open up a new rolled-up reason. Then when Mother’s Day rolled around again I got a scarf printed for her with all 52 reasons handwritten on it. Never gonna top that for the rest of my life." –alessandrar7


8. Santa's Not-So-Little Helpers:

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"All through middle and high school my mom would ask us to get our picture taken with Santa at the mall but we thought we were were way too cool for it. So when I was about 17, me and my brother drove up to the mall and got our picture taken with Santa and gave it to her as a gift. When she opened it, I’ll never forget the look on her face. She bawled." –alexf4bb890ca1

9. Above and BEYond:

"My mom is a highly known dedicated member of Beyoncé’s BEY HIVE. So when I was offered an awesome Beyoncé concert ticket, floor seats in New Orleans, I decided to give it to her. I even dropped her off at the concert and picked her up from a friend's house later." –whitneymarquette

10. A Fresh Start:

"Last year for Mother’s Day I let myself into her place and deep cleaned the entire thing. I’m talking DEEP cleaned like closet organization, jewelry assortment, library labeling, etc. It took me two days. When I was done I left her a note that said 'Welcome to your new room!' with instructions on how to find things and work any newly implemented systems. –graceb40abd7f9e

11. Up, Up, and Away:

"The Christmas before I left for university, I came across the adventure book from Up on Amazon and immediately came up with the idea to make my parents a scrapbook with it for Christmas. When they opened it, I turned on 'Stuff We Did' from Up, and we all cried as they looked at pictures and quotes chronologically. On the very last page I wrote, 'Thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one.'" –jessicak411e32390


12. Things Remembered:

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"My brother and I put together a gift box full of movies and albums from the year my parents got married for their 40th wedding anniversary. When they opened it they immediately got the theme and it brought back memories of when they were first married. It was a really simple way to acknowledge their anniversary and they still talk about how much they loved it." –olivejuice520

13. Soul Therapy:

"When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer my brother and I put our money together and sent both my parents for a weekend away before she started her treatment. She cried when we told her. They both needed some time away to relax before things got intense, and they definitely enjoyed themselves." –russo113

14. A Kettle Keepsake:

"When I was 14, my parents were in a bad financial situation. Being traditional Brits though, we drank a ridiculous amount of tea. However, our kettle was old and took a quarter of an hour to boil, and it’d leak. So I got a job, and with my first wages I bought a Russell Hobb kettle from Argos on sale. It wasn’t for any occasion, it was just so we could have something nice and new. They loved it and it made life so much easier, being able to quickly boil water." –romuluswolf

15. A Helping Hand:

"My mother got herself into a bit of debt, so I’ve been transferring a little money every month into her savings account without her knowing." –hardbackbooks


16. Sent From The Heart:

"For my mom’s 53rd birthday, I compiled 53 postcards from past vacations and wrote a reason on each one for why I was thankful to have her as my mother (ended up with way more than 53 reasons because my mom is the best). She cried and said it was the best gift she’s ever received." –aprilb37

17. What's Mine Is Yours:

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"I used to save up all my allowance, put them in little boxes, wrap them, and give them to my parents at Christmas because I thought they needed it more than I did." –bethaniem

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