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    Watch What Happens When This YouTuber Finds Out Beyoncé Played Her Video On The Formation Tour

    "I don't need LinkedIn, Beyoncé knows my name!" —Evelyn From the Internets

    Like many of us, YouTuber "Evelyn From the Internets" took to the web to sing Beyoncé's praises after Lemonade dropped last month.

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    Unlike the rest of us, though, Beyoncé included her hilarious but accurate review during her Formation World Tour show in Texas, where Evelyn resides.

    And once word reached Evelyn herself...hilarity ensued.

    She was ecstatic.

    She (naturally) ran out into the street screaming.


    "I ran a mile off the pure energy. I don't run," she said.

    She praised...

    And worshipped.

    She realized nothing else really mattered.

    As for her family...let's just say they too were at a loss for words.

    Congrats, Evelyn, on winning the internet this year.

    Watch the entire hilarious reaction here.

    View this video on YouTube

    And for more laughs, follow Evelyn on YouTube and Twitter.

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