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    We Need To Talk About This Photo Of Barack And Michelle Obama

    In the most respectful way possible, of course.

    Yesterday, Essence magazine revealed its October cover featuring President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, and it's giving us all the feels.

    Kwaku Alston for ESSENCE

    Partly because it's probably their last cover in the White House, and partly because they're just so freaking beautiful. They continue to give us all the goals. Every single one.

    The cover is undoubtedly gorgeous, but this photo right here from the inside spread has gone viral for a couple of obvious reasons.

    Kwaku Alston for ESSENCE

    First, it's peak relationship goals in every way.

    @desusnice / Via Twitter: @desusnice

    It oozes so much black love it'll make you cry.

    @WilhSlater / Via Twitter: @WilhSlater

    So much so we feel targeted. It's not fair TBH.

    @rembert / Via Twitter: @rembert

    The photo also presented this very real dilemma.

    @iSmashFizzle / Via Twitter: @iSmashFizzle

    But it didn't take long for the internet to throw caution to the wind and say what needed to be said.

    @SarikaBenawra / Via Twitter: @SarikaBenawra

    I mean, folks got really, really honest.

    @RicheyCollazo / Via Twitter: @RicheyCollazo

    Maybe even too honest?

    @QuietRay / Via Twitter: @QuietRay

    Consequences be damned.

    @HitDaBoogiez / Via Twitter: @HitDaBoogiez

    The photo also inspired fan fiction.

    @PercivalPenman / Via Twitter: @PercivalPenman

    And alllllll of the squats.

    @bimadew / Via Twitter: @bimadew

    But most importantly, it made us celebrate FLOTUS for not being afraid to celebrate her curves.

    @tnwhiskeywoman / Via Twitter: @tnwhiskeywoman

    Now all we can do is wait for the inevitable response.

    @jujoffer / Via Twitter: @jujoffer

    And hope we can continue to see these two love on each other until the end of time.