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Beyoncé And Kendrick Lamar Just Surprised Everyone

Pretty sure we just watched her baptize Kendrick Lamar on live television.

Earlier today rumors started to swirl that Beyoncé was going to bless us with a rare live performance at the BET Awards.

BET / Via

Many were unsure, considering she hasn't performed at any awards show this year so far — not even the Grammys.

And for once, Bey didn't make us wait long to see if rumors were true. The queen kicked off the show with an epic performance of "Freedom."

BET / Via

The performance included the showstopping dance-on-water routine that many fans have been raving about since seeing her do it during her Formation World Tour.

BET / Via

But unlike the "Freedom" performance from her tour, this one included the Lemonade track's feature artist, Kendrick Lamar!

BET / Via

The rapper also added a few new bars to his verse for the performance.

Seeing the two powerhouses come together on stage was thrilling to say the least. Pretty sure we just witnessed Beyoncé baptize K.Dot on live TV.

BET / Via

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Bey bringing back her "Say My Name" braids?!

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The BET Awards managed to top itself and every other awards show — long before the show was even over!

BET / Via

Watch the entire performance below!