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17 Times Dwayne And Whitley Pioneered Relationship Goals

The greatest love story in sitcom history.

1. When they slow danced for the first time and their chemistry was off the charts.

2. When Dwayne in a suit had this effect on Whitley.

3. When they fed each other someone else's wedding cake using nothing but their hands.

4. When they wrote each other love letters... even though it took Whitley a while to give Dwayne his.

5. When Dwayne perfected the art of interrupting your girlfriend.

6. Every time they looked at each other like this.

7. When Dwayne fought over Whitley's honor after some jerk sexualized her.

8. Every time Whitley called him pookie.

9. When they were able to communicate effectively.

10. When Dwayne begged Whitley to marry him instead – "BABY, PLEASE!"

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Greatest wedding scene in TV history.

11. When Dwayne always knew how to make Whitley's day better.

12. Every time Dwayne took charge.

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13. Every time Whitley loved it.

14. When Whitley's absence had this effect on Dwayne.

15. When they sang "Baby, It's Cold Outside" to each other.

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16. When they kissed like no one was watching.

17. When they were glad they were wrong.

Whitley and Dwayne forever <3