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    67 Jay Z Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption

    In honor of Mr. Carter's 46th birthday.

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    1. "Ball so hard muhfuckas wanna fine me"

    2. "Man I'm high off life, fuck it I'm wasted"

    3. "I can touch down and take off the same night"

    4. "I'm cut from a different cloth, my texture is the best fur โ€“ chinchilla."

    5. "Even If I fell I'll land on a bunch of money"

    6. "It's apparent y'all staring at a legend"

    7. "I don't pop molly / I rock Tom Ford"

    8. "I came, I saw, I conquered"

    9. "If you feeling like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off"

    10. "I run the town I don't do too much walking"

    11. "Photo shoot fresh, lookin' like wealth / I'm 'bout to call the paparazzi on myself"

    12. "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt"

    13. "I'm out here ballin', I know y'all hear my sneaks"

    14. "I just run the town, I don't do too much jogging"

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    15. "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one"

    16. "What you eat don't make me shit"

    17. "Fuck you squares, the circle got smaller"

    18. "Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it"

    19. "And really the fact is we not in the same bracket / Not in the same league / Don't shoot at the same baskets / Don't pay the same taxes"

    20. "When the grass is cut, the snakes will show"

    21. "Who gon' stop me, huh?"

    Roc Nation

    22. "Can't knock the hustle"

    23. "Everybody say you strange and that you changed / Like you worked that hard to stay the same"

    24. "A wise man told me don't argue with fools / Because people from a distance can't tell who who"

    25. "My motto is simply I WILL NOT LOSE"

    26. "A 9 to 5 is how you survive / I'm not trying to survive / I'm trying to live life to the limit and love it alive"

    27. "Every day no days off, Ferris Bueller"

    28. "Success is like lust, she's good for the touch / She's good for the moment but she's never enough"

    29. "No one said it would be easy, n***a livin' is work"

    30. "I'll get my own 40 acres give me four nights"

    31. "Numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard"

    32. "Me and destiny got a date"

    Roc Nation

    33. "Standing back from situations gives you the perfect view"

    34. "Even a broken clock is right at least two times a day"

    35. "I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of not trying"

    36. "If I can't live by my word then I'd much rather die"

    37. "Sorry, mama, I promised I wouldn't change / But I woulda went insane had I remained the same me"

    38. "I rather die enormous that live dormant"

    39. "I never ask for nothing I don't demand of myself"

    40. "I will not lose for even in defeat / There's a valuable lesson learned so it evens it up for me"

    41. "I'm different, I can't base what I'm gon' be off of what everybody isn't"

    42. "I move forward, the only direction / Cant be scared to fail Search and perfection"

    43. "On to the next one"

    44. "Facts only"

    Roc Nation

    45. "I'm an outlaw. I got a outlaw chick / Bumping 2Pac on my outlaw shit"

    46. "We get together like a choir, to acquire what we desire"

    47. "When you see her, understand that's me"

    48. "I got this model chick that don't cook or clean"

    49. "You don't just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that / You don't throw away what we had just like that"

    50. "Cuz mami's a rider, and I'm a roller / Put us together, how they gon' stop both us?"

    51. "All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend"

    52. "It's trippy how hard / She rides with me"

    53. "Boy meets girl, girl perfect women"

    54. "My baby momma harder then a lot of you n****s"

    55. "Deeper than words, beyond right"

    56. "They ain't see potential in me girl, but you see it / If it's you and me against the world, then so be it"

    57. "Fix your head in my crown"

    58. "Got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain"

    59. "I'm from the apple, which means I'm the Mac / She's a PC, she lives in my lap"

    60. "Brought sand to the beach because my beach is better"

    Roc Nation

    61. "All I need is the love of my crew"

    62. "Black excellence, opulence, decadence"

    63. "I party with weirdos"

    64. "Every n***a real in my clique really"

    65. "My brothers is my brother like my brother is"

    66. "The Roc Boys in the building tonight"

    67. "It's the Dream Team meets the Supreme Team"

    Happy 46th birthday, Hov!

    Roc Nation

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