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11 Road Hacks For Getting Home For The Holidays In One Piece

Everyone and their mother will be out on the road this holiday. Here are some simple tips that can keep you safer while you’re driving.

1. If one of your headlights goes out, make sure you replace both.

2. Chew on some peppermint!

3. Switch to thinner oil.

4. Pack some blankets...

5. ...and a shovel.

6. Make your own car-sized trashcan.

7. Ask for directions at a restaurant with delivery service.

8. Make up your own games.

9. Fill a stocking with kitty litter to reduce window fog.

10. And save your extra stockings for your wipers.

11. Dock your phone to your car using a rubber band.

The best way to stay safe during the holiday rush hour is to let SYLVANIA SilverStar ULTRA guide your sleigh home. It's SYLVANIA's farthest down-road headlight.