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We Played "Would You Rather" With People At Comic-Con And It Was Amazing

Fandoms (and friendships) were tested.

1. Be allowed to skip every line at Comic-Con OR get to hang out with your favorite panel backstage for an hour?

2. Party with Iron Man on Earth OR Thor on Asgard?

3. Speak in Klingon pick-up lines OR High Valyrian poetry?

4. Go go-karting with the Avengers OR play laser tag with the Justice League?

5. Take command of the USS Enterprise for a day OR sneak aboard the Millennium Falcon for a week?

6. Only take pictures of other cosplayers OR only get your picture taken by other cosplayers?

7. Make Bruce Banner angry OR drunkenly challenge Luke Cage to a fistfight in his bar?

8. Fall in love with a superhero whose real identity you’ll never know OR fall in love with someone whose superhero identity you’ll never know?

9. Answer a trivia question wrong in front of a whole room of people OR have your phone go off during a Q&A?

10. Become the character you’re currently cosplaying OR become the nemesis of the character you’re currently cosplaying?

[quick break for cosplay fun] back to the game...

11. Find out your best friend has superpowers and become their lowly sidekick OR find out your best friend has superpowers and become their sworn enemy?

12. Be the first to arrive at Comic-Con OR have Comic-Con to yourself for an hour after it’s officially over?

13. Be forced to tweet a list of reasons why your favorite series sucks OR take a pic with your favorite celebrity but it’s blurry?

14. Get VIP access to the Con for the next five years OR hang out with your fave celebrity for five hours?

15. Steal a kiss from your superhero crush during spin the bottle OR watch your superhero crush take off some clothes during strip poker?

16. Get free comic books for life OR get a publication deal to write your own graphic-novel series?

17. Be invisible...forever OR be able to fly...just 10 feet at a time?

18. Have the superpower to view private social media profiles without following them OR have the superpower to see how many likes something will get before you post it?

19. Be born on an alien planet and sent to help Earth OR be born on Earth and sent to help an alien planet?

Photographs by Dan Dealy / Design by Kevin Valente / © BuzzFeed

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