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15 Secrets People Who Love Comic Con Will Never Tell You

It's a jungle in there.

1. They know that, technically, this headline should say "People Who Love Comic Cons."

2. They find it perpetually entertaining to see people in costume do normal things.

3. Flash mobs barely faze them anymore...

4. ...but impromptu dramatic scenes still get their attention.

5. They have a strong kinship with other con attendees...until someone with a giant headdress sits in front of them at a panel.

6. They never take the value of an empty chair for granted.

7. When it comes to feelin' themselves, they know nothing does the trick quite like cosplay.

8. They're so used to carrying a prop that they're certain they could survive with just one hand.

9. They know the makings of a con survival kit.

10. No matter how early they wake up, they know they'll never be first in line.

11. They know that no matter how hardcore you are, there's always someone more hardcore than you.

12. Even after rehearsing it a million times, they'll still always embarrass themselves when meeting their favorite star.

13. They can't read signatures.

14. They know you don't even need to go inside the con to have a ~super~-good time.

15. Because, at the end of the day, it just feels incredible to hang out with people (or Ewoks) who understand you.

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