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If Comic-Con Was An Old School Video Game

Comic-Con seems fun and all, but wouldn't it be even more fun if you could experience it from your air-conditioned living room?

Ready? Go! Make your costume quick, you've got a fest to impress.

Make sure to eliminate all enemies to get a front row seat to your favorite writer!

Of course, a conference wouldn't be complete without some lines — bonus points for socializing!

TIME FOR A SNACK BREAK! But don't go overboard — all that sugar might make you sick.

OMG, it's free merch time! Grab it all before it's gone!

In the final level, you'd finally get that autograph that you've been waiting for. But you'll have to defeat the Big Boss first. Good luck!

There isn't a real Comic-Con video game yet, but you can check in and geek out all weekend with SYFY WIRE’s real time coverage of San Diego Comic Con at