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16 Facts About Secret Underground Labs That'll Blow Your Mind

Actually, we didn't really know ANYTHING about secret underground labs. Until now. To uncover more mysteries, watch Helix on Fridays starting January 10 at 10/9c on Syfy, and you can sample the first 15 minutes before the premiere here.

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9. The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station traditionally screens a triple feature of The Thing at the start of the winter season.

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Because there's no better way to kick off six months of constant darkness than with a movie about a shape-changing monster loose in an Arctic base.

11. It has a Twitter account...

DEAP-3600 experiment lookin' spiffy!



DEAP-3600 experiment lookin' spiffy!

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...2013 is the first time Area 51's existence has been acknowledged by the CIA and the president.

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Full disclosure: Obama mentioned it as a joke at the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors, and the CIA declassified documents detailing the history and purpose of Area 51.

For a glimpse into a more insidious laboratory, watch the premiere of Helix, Friday Jan 10 at 10/9c, only on Syfy.

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