11 Reasons Why The World Isn’t Going To End

Bring it Mayan Apocalypse. Defy the end of the world with Syfy’s brand new series Defiance premiering April 2013.

1. Because who else is going to pull Santa’s sleigh:

Tim Green / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

2. Because there are two more movies in the Hobbit Trilogy:

Mike Mozart / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

3. Because you finally got into a comfortable sitting position:

Tracey Rosen / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / flic.kr

4. Because you finally learned how to tie a tie and it would be a shame for all your hard work to go to waste:

bark / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

5. Because you haven’t finished reading all 1079 pages of Infinite Jest yet:

Bart Everson / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

6. Because you haven’t finished your sandwich yet:

Alpha / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / flic.kr

7. Because you haven’t learned how to surf yet.

Floyd Manzano / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

8. Because there’s no way you’re getting out of paying your taxes:

Images Money / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

9. Because this kitty believes that love is better than the end of all things:

London looks / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

10. Because the Cubs STILL haven’t won the World Series:

Ron Cogswell / CC BY http://2.0 / flic.kr

11. And of course because Ryan Gosling won’t let it happen:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Defy the end of the world with Syfy's brand new series Defiance premiering April 2013.

Learn more about it over at Syfy.

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