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    Updated on Sep 23, 2019. Posted on Sep 16, 2019

    17 Things Only People With TMJ Will Understand

    *~LiVe LoVe LoCkJaW~*

    1. If you have TMJ, you DEFINITELY have a big ol' bottle of painkiller as your designated Purse Advil™.

    2. Your jaw ALWAYS!!!!! POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like so:

    3. Certain, uh...GIRTHIER foods just don't work well for you.

    i don’t think chipotle burritos help my TMJ

    4. Same goes for certain ~other things~:

    Heading to my first chiropractor appointment today for jaw pain/TMJ symptoms. While nervous, I still have a sense of humor: (not marked but left blank...)

    5. You sleep with a night guard so you don't grind your teeth, and you look FINE 👏 AS 👏 HELL 👏 in it!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Howevz, you have chewed through quite a few. ://///

    7. Like, you're constantly amazed at your jaw's f*cking Hulk-like strength while you're sleeping!!!!!!

    If only I held stress in my abs like I do in my jaw 😫 #tmjproblems

    8. Because of all the grinding, your teeth are sensitive — and I'm talking SEEEEEEEEEEEENSITIVE.

    me: wow i sure do love cold refreshing drinks and/or liquids! my teeth, about to get sensitive as all hell:

    9. So you swear by Sensodyne toothpaste!!!!!!!

    (Rapid Relief is your fave!!!!!)

    10. You hold foods you don't have to chew in high regard.

    I'm in love with foods like apple sauce just because I don't have to chew #toddlerstatus

    11. And you just wish that a chiropractor or whoever would massage and realign your jaw like THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Need a shawty to do this to me to relieve my TMJ pain

    12. Despite supposedly knowing about TMJ, dentists still don't seem to get that WE 👏 CANNOT 👏 OPEN 👏 OUR 👏 MOUTHS 👏 WIDER. 👏

    "Open wide...wider...wider" what part of I have TMJ do dentists not understand? #tmjprobs

    13. You've considered trying Botox, acupuncture, and other procedures done to relieve your TMJ symptoms.

    do you guys think i’ll get one of those cute bedazzled Botox tshirts if i just get jaw injections for my TMJ

    14. You've documented your TMJ struggles online for your fans:

    Sending people videos of my jaw dislocated and me crying @TMJprobs

    15. And there have DEFINITELY been a couple times where people have expressed ~interest~ in you, but at........inopportune times.

    Girl don’t send me no booty call, I already got my TMJ mouth guard in 🤒

    16. So, in conclusion:

    I'm not trying to complain (yes I am) but you would too if your jaw hurt 24/7

    17. And most importantly, this:

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