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What Style Of Holiday Is For You?

Do you fancy yourself as a backpacker, a Vanlife member, part of the #TopDeckCrew2017 or a relaxed cruise ship traveller sipping on cocktails in the pool as the sunsets?

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Do you mind sleeping in a room with twelve other travellers? Do you see this as an experience, an adventure, a great way to meet people? Then backpacking is for you, throw ten kilos of clothes on your back and spend five months travelling through South America. Make sure to check out some tips on how to do it well.


Spending hours being chauffeured around, staying with the same rowdy group of twenty somethings, never sleeping, ducking in and out of cities - do these things sound like your way to travel? Young travelling tours these days like Contiki and TopDeck are a great way to meet people travelling, and are a good excuse to see a bunch of iconic sites with a beer in hand, and a bus to take you to your next location. Check out this poll to figure what people like best.


Are you someone who likes to be taken care of? Do you like to be referred to as Sir or Mam? Jump on board a cruise ship, with meals included you wont have to worry about anything the entire trip. Oh! Except how to avoid gambling everything away in one of the casinos on deck. If you are looking for something to distract you jump into the pool, or go see one of the shows put on.


Wanna clock a couple of miles on your old VW? Looking to see some cities, and camp on beaches? Then grab your best mate and do a roadtrip around North America, or Australia. Spend endless days sleeping in your car, and stopping at roadside diners. Without a doubt you will get a taste for the vanlife, and beocme their next convert.


Ready to become immersed in a culture? Learn about its history, and language the best way possible - from its people? Exchange is a great way to travel, allowing you a lot of the comforts of home but pushing you to try something a little harder then usual.

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