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South East Asia

South East Asia is a place of wonder and excitement. With ancient temples, bustling modern cities, rice fields, mountains, and party villages it has a little something for everyone.

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Siem Reap

Via Flickr: balintfoeldesi

Are you ready for cocktail buckets, and crazy tourists? Siem Reap is your place, well more specifically Pub Street is. Don't have anything planned after visiting this crazy place, your head will be to sore!

Ho Chi Minh City

Via Flickr: ramonboersbroek

Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, the War Museum and the post office. Soak in the atmosphere of the markets, or sit back and enjoy some local delicacies. So what are you waiting for book a cheap flight and get over there!Need help finding the best deal? Do your research, jump online, explore, and if all else fails book and all inclusive package!

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