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    Joe Manganiello Ruins Lives On The Cover Of "DETAILS"

    Good lawd!

    Joe Manganiello appears on the cover of the June/July issue of DETAILS and the world has never been so blessed.

    It's a dual cover issue. THAT'S TWICE THE JOE!

    In it the actor talks about Magic Mike, True Blood, his current success, and his looks.

    Why would I? I don't think men care why women like them, as long as they do. That's the point of the nerd in high school who makes it big. You work that hard for a reason. You want to have access to the dating pool.
    My life's pretty damn good and if working out had anything to do with affording me the type of life I have, then bring on more.

    But looks aren't everything and Joe's Magic Mike costar, Channing Tatum, made that clear.

    Everybody sees Joe as the physical specimen he is—you can't miss that. Unfortunately, that means people assume that he has no other attributes or skills until he proves it to them. But one of my favorite things about Joe is that he doesn't feel the need to prove himself to anyone.

    Joe's a good guy no matter how he looks.

    Check out the full interview here and thank whatever you believe in that Joe Manganiello was created.