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    22 Times Twitter Summed Up How You Feel About Avan Jogia

    Too thirsty.

    This is Avan Jogia.

    You may remember him from Victorious, Twisted, or Aliens in America.

    Or a ton of other things he's done.

    Aside from being beautiful and talented...

    He's smart and woke.

    Honestly, he's so great that sometimes it's hard to find the words to describe how he makes you feel.

    1. Like, when you feel deep down in your bones that you would be great friends.

    Waiting patiently for our friendship to begin. The anticipation builds... No pressure. @AvanJogia

    2. But his beauty is too much to handle...

    3. And you realize just being friends isn't enough.

    4. It's too painful.

    5. He's too perfect.

    avan jogia is the most beautiful human being to step onto this earth, he is too pure for this world

    6. But then you remember that he has a flawless girlfriend so you chill in the friend zone.

    You're girlfriend is flipping hot!!! @AvanJogia we are all jealous

    7. Or when you see a dude with long hair and immediately think of Avan.

    Avan Jogia is literally the only guy who can pull off long hair

    8. Because no one will ever be on his level.

    @AvanJogia Suit: on point Hair: on point Shoes: on point Glasses: SO FUCKING ON POINT

    9. Like, just the thought of him puts your whole life at risk.

    10. But you're willing to risk it because he's perfect.

    avan jogia is so fine and he is so woke yes daddy

    11. And so kind and smart and just an all-around good guy.

    Great to see some famous people using their fame to bring awareness to issues that need to be discussed. Well done @AvanJogia

    12. Even on bad days he lifts your spirits.

    13. And your lust grows stronger.

    my love for avan jogia is only getting stronger

    14. Maybe a little too strong for some.

    15. Sometimes he's the only reason you watch Victorious.

    victorious is a good show but sometimes I only watch it bc avan jogia is hot

    16. And you're really happy when he appears on your fave show.

    Finally watching #InkMaster I just screamed when I saw @AvanJogia on the screen!! YES GO CANADIANS!!!

    17. Really, he should be in everything.

    hey @Disney love yourself and cast @AvanJogia in a live action Aladdin film

    18. And you wonder why people slept on him for so long.

    are people just now waking up and realizing the art that is Avan Jogia

    19. Maybe some of his fans forgot.

    How could I forget that Avan Jogia existed

    20. Maybe some made a mistake.

    rmbmr when i stanned avan jogia for a week like 2 months ago im back

    21. But you would never forget about him, NEVER.

    22. Because your love for him is real.

    in a perfect world me n avan jogia would be married