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    17 Instagram Photos You May Have Missed This Week

    Tracee Ellis Ross in latex, Meek Mill remembered Sandra Bland, and Avan popped bottles.

    1. Zendaya visited the late Nelson Mandela's cell.

    2. Drake gave a nod to a late fan.

    3. Meek Mill remembered Sandra Bland.

    4. Lorde wished her boo a happy birthday.

    5. Demi slayed next to Wilmer.

    6. Riley Curry was the queen of the Nae Nae.

    7. Amandla left us a quote to remember.

    8. Gabrielle enjoyed Beijing.

    9. Amber Rose's son played around in the cutest playroom ever.

    10. Selena celebrated her birthday.

    11. JLo's adorable throwback.

    12. M.I.A. showed us the ultimate squad.

    13. Tracee danced to "Elastic Heart" in a latex jumpsuit.

    14. Avan popped bottles for the second night of Tut.

    15. Kimiko was silly with Samira.

    16. Eric Andre was all of us.

    17. And Willow Smith missed her girls.