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14 Reasons Bruce Jenner Needs His Own Reality Show

Can we keep up with Bruce?

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It's rumored that America's favorite dad, Bruce Jenner, might be getting his own reality show.

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And, honestly, it's about time.

Why does Bruce deserve his own show?

1. Well, he's accomplished.

E! /

He also has two gold medals.

2. And, really, he's had enough.

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With his own show, they'll never be able to escape him!

3. Because we'll get to see more of him just being a dad.

And what's funnier than dads saying dad things?

4. 'Cause that old dog's got moves.

E! / Youtube / BuzzFeed

Shake what ya mama gave ya, Bruce!

5. We might get to see Bruce Jenner on the prowl.

E! / Youtube / BuzzFeed

Bruce is on the loose, ladies.

6. Because that one time he allowed Khloe to light a candle in his ear.

E! / Youtube / BuzzFeed

7. Because he had to put up with his ex-wife slipping Viagra into his coffee.

E! / Youtube / BuzzFeed

He just wanted a cup of coffee, that's it.

8. Because it also means more Brody and Brandon!

*Ginuwine plays in the background as they walk in slow-mo to the beach*

*Ginuwine plays in the background as they walk in slow-mo to the beach*

9. And Brandon pretending to be Kim.

Pretty solid imitation.

10. And Brody trying to be responsible but failing.

E! / Youtube / BuzzFeed

Babysitting baby Kendall and Kylie was the first, last, and only job he had. YOU HAD ONE JOB, BRODY!

11. And possibly brief sightings of the elusive Casey Jenner, Bruce's oldest daughter.

But, probably not.

But, probably not.

12. And his oldest son Burt.

Just two dudes who like to race.

13. Who looks like a pretty cool guy.

The award for best photo taken with a catheter goes to...

14. Who knows how to have fun.

Deep-sea diving?

It's your time to shine, Bruce!

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