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    Posted on Dec 30, 2014

    10 Life Lessons We Learned From "Life Of Ryan"

    Today is Ryan Sheckler's birthday, so let's remember one of MTV's greatest shows.

    Remember this show?

    MTV /

    Well, this is Ryan Sheckler now:

    Getty Images Brendon Thorne

    Pretty much the same.

    And today he turns 25!

    So, in honor of Ryan, we decided to put together a list of all the things he taught us on his reality show...

    1. Patience is lame.

    MTV Canada / / Buzzfeed

    Waiting's for losers.

    2. Sometimes your friend flirts with your mom.

    MTV Canada / / Buzzfeed

    Why can't your new dad be your best friend?

    3. At 17, life is all about nostalgia.

    MTV Canada /

    4. Ironing, how does it work?

    MTV Canada /

    5. An Ace Ventura-themed birthday party with a bouncy castle is actually next level.

    MTV Canada / / Buzzfeed

    6. Dating's tough.

    MTV Canada /

    7. And it's a lot tougher when you're Ryan Sheckler.

    MTV Canada /

    8. Extra tough.

    MTV Canada /

    9. And even tougher when a guy on a scooter is tryin' to get your girl.

    MTV Canada /

    Mitch brought his A-game.

    10. But, date or no date, your friends will always have your back.

    MTV Canada /


    MTV Canada /

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