10 Life Lessons We Learned From “Life Of Ryan”

Today is Ryan Sheckler’s birthday, so let’s remember one of MTV’s greatest shows.

Remember this show?

MTV / mtv.rs

Well, this is Ryan Sheckler now:

Getty Images Brendon Thorne

Pretty much the same.

And today he turns 25!

(Aw snap!!!)

So, in honor of Ryan, we decided to put together a list of all the things he taught us on his reality show…

1. Patience is lame.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com / Buzzfeed

Waiting’s for losers.

2. Sometimes your friend flirts with your mom.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com / Buzzfeed

Why can’t your new dad be your best friend?

3. At 17, life is all about nostalgia.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com

4. Ironing, how does it work?

MTV Canada / vimeo.com

5. An Ace Ventura-themed birthday party with a bouncy castle is actually next level.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com / Buzzfeed

6. Dating’s tough.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com

7. And it’s a lot tougher when you’re Ryan Sheckler.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com

8. Extra tough.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com

9. And even tougher when a guy on a scooter is tryin’ to get your girl.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com

Mitch brought his A-game.

10. But, date or no date, your friends will always have your back.

MTV Canada / vimeo.com


MTV Canada / vimeo.com

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