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We Need To Talk About Roger Federer's Beautiful Swiss Ass

Federer admitted that his "medical timeout" during tonight's match was for a well-deserved (and hopefully sensual) butt massage.

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This is Roger Federer.

And *this* is Roger Federer's butt.

While facing up against German player Philipp Kohlschreiber, RFed was forced to call a mid-game "medical timeout."

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

And apparently, it was because he needed someone to tend to his ~glorious~ Swiss behind.

In a post-victory interview, the cutie with a booty politely said that he needed his butt rubbed out and preferred that no cameras were present.

But what I would've given for that to be on live TV...

Because, I mean...

So in conclusion, I hope Roger's bottom feels better.

But if it doesn't, can we please hear more about it in more detail next time? ;)


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