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    15 Ways To Craft Yourself Into Oblivion After The Dumpster Fire That Was 2016

    2016 was a complete train wreck - unplug & make something.

    1. Cross stitch some sass

    2. Sew up some junk food

    3. Sequin (and guzzle) your wine

    4. Sew some shut-eye

    5. Quilt a #lovewinshearts block

    6. Crochet or knit your rebellion

    7. Crochet a mini-Trump

    8. Wear your DIY heart on your sleeve

    9. Stitch a positive mantra

    10. Slay in some DIY gladiator heels

    11. Represent yourself

    12. Smash it out

    13. Take a crafty break

    14. Hide under something comfy

    15. DIY your very own dumpster fire