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Explore This Gamified World And We'll Tell You What You Should Be Studying At Uni

Because pixelated worlds are where you learn the real life skills.

This year, Swinburne is doing Open Day a little differently with the invention of Swintopia — an interactive experience for future students to scope out uni life, via a fully-pixelated campus experience.

At Swintopia, you can get everything you need to get started on your academic journey with Swinburne. Swintopia is available and ready to explore from August 12th, but you can also register to gain early access on the 10th!

P.S. There’s no hidden treasure in Swintopia, nor are we clairvoyant. We just love a good quiz. But here at Swinburne, we really care about helping you find your future and matchmaking you to the career of your dreams. Oh, but that chicken? It's 100% real.