10 Amazing Upgrades That You Need In Your House

Your home just got a whole lot smarter. Keep your intelligent abode in tip-top shape with the undisputed cleaning power of the Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost.

1. A wall that's secretly a bed.


So much more room for activities!

2. A natural swimming pool in your backyard.


All the convenience of a public pool, none of that nasty chlorine.

3. This canvas that becomes a table for two.


Turn your den into a dining room in three simple steps.

4. A retractable kitchen island you can control with your phone.


Dinner parties just got a whole lot less cramped.

5. Or an espresso bar built into your kitchen counter.


So long, Starbucks. Top of the mornin,’ TopBrewer.

6. These stair steps that are actually drawers.


So your staircase is your new closet. Who woulda thought?

7. A grassy garden for your window air conditioner.


Daniel LiCalzi’s clever design softens top-floor AC drippage and offers up a serene slice of eye candy.

8. An electronic trap door for your wine cellar.


Keep all your spirits safe and sound with zero cabinet clutter.

9. This literal catwalk for your feline friends.


Let’s be honest: it’s your cat’s house. You just pay the rent.

10. And a fireplace that leads to a hidden passageway.


Ever wanted to feel like a real-life James Bond villain? You’re in luck.

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