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    21 Products For People Who Take Binge-Watching Too Seriously

    For people who are more Netflix than chill.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A big screen HD smart TV like this one so you can binge watch in the best quality possible - ₹22,999

    The screen size is 40” and this TCL model comes with Alexa built-in. Get it here.

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    2. Every binge-watcher knows that sound is as important as visuals, so a good multimedia sound system will amp up your watching experience - ₹2,449

    The box includes: one 4-inch woofer (housed in a wooden cabinet), 5 satellite speakers, instruction manual, antenna lead, Strereo AUX lead, and remote.

    Get it here.

    3. If you stay in a hostel or somewhere you can’t install a sound system, a Bluetooth speaker makes for a great substitute, especially if you’re watching something with your roommates - ₹1,129

    The Mivi Ultra speaker comes with HD Sound, Booming Bass, and 5 Watts Peak Output. Get it here.

    4. A comfy couch throw blanket to keep you cozy while you watch your favourite show - ₹549

    Size - 60x50 inches. Get it here.

    5. Some stretchy sweatpants so that you’re at your most comfortable while binging.,

    The men’s sweatpants are ₹979, and the women’s sweatpants cost ₹699.

    6. Looking at a screen for hours at a stretch will no doubt strain your vision, so protect your eyes with these anti-glare computer glasses - ₹749

    Get them here.

    7. If you’re watching on your laptop, you might want to check out these noise-cancelling headphones so that no sounds can distract you - ₹7,490

    Get them here.

    8. Binge-watching takes a lot of energy, so always remember to keep snacking at intervals. This popcorn maker makes snacking easier than ever - ₹1,263

    Microwaveable popcorn is a thing of the past now. Get it here.

    9. And if you want to get a theatre-like experience, you can eat your popcorn from these theatre- style popcorn tubs - ₹379

    They come as a set of 2. Get them here.

    10. Or if you want to be healthier, you can get this pack of 6 healthy nibbles to snack on - ₹180

    Now you can snack away without feeling guilty about it. Get them here.

    11. One of the worst feelings is having to get up after you’ve JUST found the perfect viewing position. With this picker-grabber, you’ll never have to leave your couch or bed again - ₹2,499

    Length - 160 cm. Get it here.

    12. Create a calm, zen ambience for the best viewing experience with this essential oil diffuser - ₹799

    A 10 ml bottle of aroma oil is included with the diffuser. Get it here.

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    13. For those who like to enjoy a glass of wine with their favourite show, these shatterproof silicone wine glasses are perfect because you’ll never have to worry about accidentally dropping it down during a jaw-dropping scene - ₹599

    They come as a set of 2. Get them here.


    14. You can combine a binge-watching weekend with some self care rituals and make a productive time out of it.,,

    Or just say that to yourself to feel better about not stepping out all weekend.

    The clay mask is for ₹499, the charcoal peel off mask is for ₹195, and the set of 5 sheet masks is for ₹446.

    15. A smart bulb like this one can set the right ambience for the room, depending on the genre of the film or show you’re watching - ₹599

    With 16 million colours to choose from, you’ll find one for every mood. Get it here.

    16. For those of you who can never decide on what to watch, this binge-watching guide is your holy grail - ₹1,981

    Filled with spoiler-free information about 100 top-rated shows, trivia, and more. Get it here.

    Now you won’t have to spend countless hours scrolling through Netflix to find your next binge-worthy show

    17. Remember to stay hydrated while you binge with this 2-litre bottle, so you don’t ever have to get up for refills - ₹195

    Get it here.

    18. The foldable wooden laptop table that you can use as a stand for your computer or as a mini table for when you’re eating and watching in bed - ₹899

    Get it here.

    19. This 2nd gen Fire TV Stick, so you can access all your streaming platforms with one remote - ₹3,999

    Making switching between shows as easy as it can get. Get it here.

    20. If you’re watching on your phone or tablet, just hook it up to this phone and tablet holder that you can attach to your bed, for a hands-free watching experience - ₹599

    Get it here.

    21. And finally, what can be better than binging your favourite shows while wearing their merch?,,,

    The Brooklyn-Nine-Nine one is for ₹524, The Office tee is for ₹549, the Friends one is for ₹455, and the Game Of Thrones T-shirt is for ₹474.

    Congrats! You’re all geared up for some undisturbed binge- watching.