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    23 Organisational Products Marie Kondo Would Be Proud Of

    Get your life in order, one hack at a time.

    1. This bamboo drawer organiser where you can store cutlery, stationery, make-up, or anything else you own that you can never find place for - ₹1,699

    2. These multi-purpose mason jars that can be used to store food, and can also be used to store cutlery if you like to keep it out in the open - ₹595

    3. This hanging closet organiser so you can categorise and see everything you own better, and maybe finally stop saying that you have nothing to wear - ₹449

    4. Anyone with a massive shoe collection understands the struggle of searching for the right pair of shoes to match your OOTD every morning. With a spacious, portable shoe rack like this one, all your shoes will be more organised, and it will save you time in the morning - ₹1,199

    5. A clean study table = a clean mindset = more productivity. Keep your desk tidy and organised with this desk organiser to instantly feel more productive - ₹899

    6. If you love being glam and DO give a damn about your makeup, this makeup organiser helps keep your makeup all in one place and your vanity/dressing table mess free - ₹265

    7. If you have a small closet and are always short of space to store your delicates, these foldable closet organisers will change your life for the better - ₹455

    8. Speaking of smaller closets, the best way to make the most of limited spaces, according to Marie Kondo, is by arranging your clothes by priority, or season. Putting away the clothes you’re not currently using in these put-away storage organisers will create a lot more space in your closet for the things you actually use - ₹495 for a set of 2

    9. These space saving hangers that let you hang more than one item of clothing at a time - ₹399

    10. Categorising your closet with these shelf dividers will also make the task of finding clothes easier, and make sure you don’t make a mess of your closet every time you’re trying to find an old pair of jeans you finally remembered you owned - ₹549 for a set of 2

    11. These fridge organisers that will make your midnight food scavenging trips SO much easier - ₹299

    12. This eco-friendly silicone cord organiser is perfect for people who have many devices and wayyy too many wires on their desks - ₹299

    13. Organising doesn’t have to be all containers and boxes. You can create storage at home with statement pieces that also double as home decor - such as this leaning shelf you can use to store memorabilia and pictures, and this invisible book shelf that will make your room look more artsy.

    14. If you’re always reaching for the back of your kitchen shelf searching for ingredients (and knocking down everything in your way while you do it) this 16-piece spice rack will be a cooking game-changer in your life - ₹625

    15. If you’re like me and spend a major chunk of your morning trying to remember where you put your goddamn keys last night, then this entryway organiser was made for you - ₹744

    16. This magnetic knife holder that will not only keep all your knives in place but will also make your kitchen look hella cool - ₹249

    17. This label maker you can use on storage drawers and boxes so that you know exactly where your things are - ₹3,495

    18. This clothes folder is a lifesaver for anyone who owns a lot of T-shirts (which we all do!) - ₹699

    19. Ladies, keep your handbags safe and clean with this bag organiser that fits 6 handbags - ₹339

    20. These tiny tin pouches you can keep in your handbag to store loose change, earphones etc. - ₹199

    21. This adorable toy chest will not only make your kids room look better, but also teach them about the responsibility of putting their toys away - ₹2,399

    22. Marie Kondo suggests storing items of sentimental value in specialised boxes like this vintage chest so you can revisit old memories whenever you want to - ₹699

    23. And finally, get inspired to declutter your life of all mess with this book from the queen of tidying up herself - ₹700