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    16 Products For People Who Need A Break From Scrolling Through Their Phone All Day

    So your eyes and brain can do something other than stare at your small, middle and big screens all the time.

    1. This macro phone lens attachment for anyone who wants to improve their photography game in the coming year - ₹1,199

    2. This fitness watch for anyone who wants to make fitness an everyday habit this year - ₹2,299

    3. This Sudoku book that will help you sharpen your mind and you won’t even notice the time fly by while you’re busy solving the puzzles - ₹139

    4. And this crossword book so you can learn new words and increase your vocabulary and knowledge - ₹250

    5. This travel scrapbook, because even if travelling seems impossible right now, you can relive old travels by documenting them through scrapbooking - ₹399

    Teal coloured ring bound scrapbook.

    6. This beginner's gardening kit with radish and scallion seeds that’s super easy to follow and comes with a detailed guide, so you can easily pick up this skill even if you don’t have a green thumb - ₹299

    7. This adult colouring book because why should kids have all the fun? Colouring is also said to be a stress-relieving activity, and is a great way to unwind and relax after a long day - ₹291

    8. This sewing machine that will not only help you mend your own clothes, but it will also be super fun to learn how to experiment with different fabrics and designs - ₹8,819

    9. This beginner's Spanish language course that comes with course books and audio CDs that will have you speaking muy bien Spanish in no time - ₹2,417

    10. This 1000-piece puzzle that is not for the faint-hearted, but the satisfaction you’ll feel after fitting the last piece in is unlike any other - ₹789

    Tower bridge puzzle board.

    11. This 2-in-1 bullet journal set for anyone who’s trying to get into journaling and wants to experiment with different formats - ₹199

    Black and blue journals with cacti print on them.

    12. This Kindle e-reader for people who want to get into reading, and now that you have some extra time on your hands, this might probably be the best time to start - ₹7,999

    13. This embroidery kit for beginners that comes with detailed photos which explain the different types of stitches - ₹599

    14. This paint-by-numbers kit that lets you create a masterpiece even if you don't get along with paints and brushes - ₹2,696

    15. If you’re dying to learn a new instrument but don’t know where to start, the ukulele is one of the easiest and fastest instruments that you can learn - ₹1,429

    Black ukulele.

    16. And finally, these origami sheets ( ₹124) that anyone who is into crafts will enjoy and this origami guide (₹1,286) so you can learn a bunch of cool new patterns and designs.