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    13 Products That Will Keep You Entertained When You Travel

    If sitting idle on a plane is your worst nightmare, this list is for you.

    1. Practising Sudoku is a great way to exercise your brain, and you’ll be so engrossed in the math puzzles that you won’t even notice the time fly by - ₹334

    2. If you’re more about words than numbers, then you’ll enjoy solving these crossword puzzles - ₹640

    3. Or you could get in touch with your artistic side with this adult colouring book - ₹179

    4. And of course you’re going to need these colouring pencils to fill all those pages with - ₹177

    5. Travelling is always a great time to get the creative juices flowing, with all the beautiful landscapes and views of the clouds. Bring a journal with you on board and watch your writer's block disappear - ₹395

    6. If you just want to unwind and catch up with some TV shows, these noise-cancelling headphones will make sure no noisy neighbours or crying babies disturb you - ₹19,900

    7. You might also be interested in this portable stand for your phone, so you don’t have to keep holding it in your hand all the time - ₹649

    8. If you’re travelling with company, you could pass the time by playing some board games like Snakes And Ladders (₹134), or Cluedo (₹247)

    9. Or you could go the old school way with some classic playing cards - ₹399

    10. You could be productive and learn a new language, like Spanish or French.

    11. If you’re travelling within India, you could read the Lonely Planet India guide and learn more about the place you’re visiting - ₹2,062

    12. If you get fidgety during flights and just want something to play with, a Rubik’s cube will help you pass the time in a more productive manner - ₹149

    13. And finally, if you just want to rest during your travel, this travel pillow and eye mask set will make sure you get some comfortable sleep - ₹848