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    14 Discounted Kitchen Products That Will Drastically Cut Down Your Cooking Time

    More time to binge watch Netflix now.

    1. These storage containers so you can pack your food and keep it ready for whenever you need it. The best part is that the containers are microwave-safe so you can eat directly out of them if you’re on the go - ₹649 for a set of 3

    Three containers filled with fruits and veggies, stacked on top of each other. They're placed near a chopping board that has veggies and a knife on it.

    2. This kitchen knife for anyone who spends more time trying to cut through veggies with their blunt knife than actually cooking - ₹399 (MRP ₹599)

    3. This garlic crusher that you’ll find a-peel-ing if you use garlic cloves in every meal but hate spending time cleaning and chopping them - ₹251 (MRP ₹499)

    4. This set of 18 containers in different sizes so you finally have a place to store all your grains, cereals and pulses. The best part is that they’re transparent so you can easily spot exactly what you’re searching for and if you’re a person who spends more time searching for ingredients than cooking, this will be a lifesaver for you - ₹479 (MRP ₹850)

    5. This multi-pot with 12 one touch functions that not only whips up some delicious meals with the press of a button but also cooks it all in one place so you have lesser dishes to wash later - ₹7,750 (MRP ₹12,499)

    6. This hanging kitchen bin so you can clean kitchen scraps as you cook and and cut down on cleaning time later - ₹309 (MRP ₹899)

    A person throwing apple peels in the bin

    7. These measuring cups that makes following recipes a lot easier, since most online recipes these days provide cup measurements - ₹199 (MRP ₹999)

    8. Or this digital weighing scale so you don’t break your head over those difficult recipes which are so complex that measuring cups are just not enough - ₹299 (MRP ₹600)

    9. These refrigerator space savers so you can neatly organise groceries and know exactly where to find the produce you need when you’re cooking - ₹219 (MRP ₹999)

    The space savers used to store fruits, eggs, and other produce

    10. This blender to make smoothies and juices that you can drink right from the jar. Not only is it super easy to use but also saves you from doing a few extra dishes - ₹2,490 (MRP ₹7,990)

    11. This vegetable chopper, that BuzzFeed India readers can’t seem to get enough of, will reduce your cooking prep work and is basically the kitchen assistant you never knew you needed - ₹149 (MRP ₹349)

    The chopper with finely chopped tomatoes and onions in it

    12. This collapsible sink colander so you can wash and strain your fruits in vegetables all in one place and don’t end up with a bunch of extra dishes to wash later - ₹499 (MRP ₹999)

    13. This 16-piece revolving spice rack that can finally accommodate all your different masalas, and takes up almost no space in the kitchen - ₹628 (MRP ₹1,350)

    14. This egg cooker that will have a protein-packed meal ready for you in no time with just the click of a button, so if you’re not a morning person but can't function without breakfast, you’re going to want to buy this - ₹365 (MRP ₹499)