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    13 Beauty Products Under ₹500 You’ll Want To Buy Two Of

    Products so nice, you’ll want to get them twice!

    1. This vitamin C serum that helps deal with hyperpigmentation and soothes your skin - ₹495

    2. This hydrating body lotion will instantly make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation - ₹365

    Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Body Lotion from Love Beauty And Planet

    3. This eyeshadow palette with pink, brown and nude shades is perfect for everyday wear - ₹188

    4. This makeup fixing spray enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E will ensure your glam stays in place longer - ₹162

    5. This metallic Maybelline highlighter in the shade Molten Gold that’s going to make your face glow brighter than your future - ₹413

    6. This micellar water is gentle on skin and gets rids of dirt, impurities and all traces of makeup - ₹132

    7. This body scrub that not only rids your body of dead skin cells, but also has an amazing coffee fragrance - ₹395

    8. This Maybelline concealer to hide your dark circles so people don’t find out you’re running on two hours of sleep - ₹307

    9. These face sheet masks so you can give your skin some much needed pampering and TLC - ₹399 for a set of 5

    Face masks in Lotus, Lemon, Aloe, Shea Butter, and Potato variants

    10. This gentle, fragrance-free facial cleanser is perfect for people with sensitive or dry skin - ₹534

    Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

    11. This face and body lotion that’s extremely light and non-greasy, doesn’t have a strong scent and is super hydrating - ₹451

    A tube of Ultra Hydrating Face and Body Lotion by Cetaphil

    12. This latex peel-off cuticle tape so your nails don’t look like a five year old painted them - ₹499

    13. And finally, this after bath body oil to moisturise and hydrate your skin now that it’s going to get colder - ₹101

    Bio Carrot Seed After-Bath Body Oil from Biotique