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    16 Products For People Who Love To Eat But Hate To Cook

    2021 is the year you stop living on take-outs.

    1. These meal prep containers so you can get done with all your cooking over the weekend and not worry about having to cook something new every night of the week - ₹679

    2. Or this microwave steamer that you can use to cook rice or idlis in a matter of minutes so you can make yourself a decent homemade meal even when you’re super tired or lazy - ₹355

    3. This Angry Mama cleaner that makes it easy to clean spills and splatters off of your microwave after an unsuccessful kitchen experiment - ₹299

    4. This pressure cooker that literally takes half the cooking pressure off with its 11 preset menus, including breakfast dishes like idli, sambar, and rice dishes like pulao and biryani - ₹5,499

    5. This electric egg boiler that solves your ‘what’s for breakfast?’ problem in a matter of minutes - ₹349

    6. Or these easy to use silicone egg poaching moulds if you like your eggs with a twist - ₹279 for a set of 2

    7. This vegetable slicer set so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time crying while you slice onions - ₹473

    8. Or this veggie chopper that does most of the prep work for you in the kitchen - ₹214

    9. This panini grill that makes cooking restaurant-style sandwiches at home easy-peasy- ₹1,399

    10. This "I don’t know how to cook" cookbook that seems perfect for any novice kitchen enthusiast - ₹200

    11. This set of 8 measuring cups so you can follow recipes precisely, without having to worry if you got all your measurements right - ₹299

    12. And this digital kitchen scale to make sure your ingredients are all in the right portions - ₹329

    13. This food processor with 13 accessories that can blend up some delicious dips like hummus or guac, chutneys, juices, smoothies and more - ₹7,999

    14. These silicone mitts that are much easier to wear and clean that normal oven mitts - ₹219 for a set of 2

    15. This flexible silicone spatula that makes flipping food on the pan a lot easier (yes, we’re looking at you dosas and omelettes!!) - ₹299

    16. Speaking of food you need to flip, making pancakes just became so much easier with this batter-dispenser that lets you evenly dispense equal portions of batter - ₹1,689