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    27 Condiments That Will Make Your Basic Food Taste Like Luxury

    These taste ~soy~ good.

    1. This Mexican seasoning that you can use to add some flavour and spice to your tacos and also use as a rub and marinade for meat, fish and veggies - ₹99

    2. And this salad seasoning that might actually help you enjoy eating your greens - ₹139

    3. This seasoning blend of dried herbs and spices that as the name suggests, promises to go well with everything and anything - ₹200

    4. This set of cheese, tomato and Mexican popcorn seasonings that might make you miss your local theatre a little less - ₹399

    5. This lemon pepper seasoning which brings the perfect balance of balance and zing to your food - ₹225

    6. This carrot and cucumber sandwich spread that will make the difference between amateur sandwiches to professional gourmet food - ₹85

    7. This chilli oil that's basically liquid gold. We pour this oil on everything at home - momos, rice, noodles and even pizza. It makes everything taste infinitely better - ₹359

    8. This umami packed garlic sauce that transforms your stir fry dishes from rookie to MasterChef level - ₹216

    9. This chicken flavoured hot sauce that's definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you love your food extra extra spicy, then this is the sauce for you - ₹319

    10. This vegetarian Sriracha mayo sauce that's so versatile, it can be used as a sushi dip AND a sandwich spread - ₹475

    11. This basil pesto dip that you can add to sandwiches, pizzas, pastas or even eat as a dip with chips - ₹279

    12. This Thai chilli garlic sauce that will add that extra punch to your Asian dishes like noodles and broths - ₹266

    13. This tandoori sauce that you can use as a marinade for your curries, and also as a dip for momos 🥟 - ₹99

    14. This flavourful pasta and pizza sauce that basically cuts your cooking load in half so you can have a delicious home cooked meal with almost no effort - ₹89

    15. This BBQ sauce that makes your burgers, steaks, and chicken wings taste ten times better - ₹242

    16. This Tabasco sauce for people who care more about the spice level in their food than any other flavour - ₹159

    17. This spicy salsa sauce that you can use as a topping for salads, dip for nachos and base for wraps and sandwiches - ₹154

    18. This Italian herb mayo that will take your sandwich game from zero to 💯 in no time - ₹179

    19. These chilli flakes that will add that much needed kick of heat to your favourite Italian dishes - ₹76

    20. And this all purpose seasoning that does justice to its name and can be used on anything, from meats, pizzas and even Maggi - ₹99

    21. This cheddar powder for people who love to overload all their food with cheese, even their favourite movie time snacks - ₹220

    22. This Moroccan Ras Al Hanout seasoning that can be used as a dry rub for curries, burgers and stews - ₹170

    23. This combo of pizza oregano and chilli flake seasonings for anyone who loves pizza and uses up their free packets in no time - ₹135

    24. This peri peri seasoning that adds heaps of spice and flavour to fries, nuggets, popcorn and can be added to your meat marinades as well - ₹125

    25. This Jamaican jerk seasoning that’s full of aromatic ingredients like cumin, cloves, rosemary and star anise that will make your food not only taste, but also smell delicious - ₹240

    26. This Chinese five spice powder that’s an essential ingredient in most Asian and Sichuan dishes - ₹246

    27. And finally, the most versatile and popular ketchup sauce to add just the right amount of tang to your fries, burgers, sandwiches and more - ₹139